Christine Hallquist’s Vermont Win and the Emergence of Transgender Politicians

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Transgender candidate for governor wins Vermont primary

NBC News, August 14, 2018, by Tim Fitzsimons

Former energy company executive Christine Hallquist made history Tuesday by becoming the first trans person to win a major party’s nomination for governor.

"A former energy company executive from Vermont has come a step closer to becoming the nation's first transgender governor.

Christine Hallquist swept to victory in Tuesday’s crowded gubernatorial primary, besting three other Democrats — including a 14-year-old boy — to become the party’s nominee. She is the first trans person to win a major party’s nomination for governor.

"Tonight we made history, and I'm so honored to be ... part of this historical moment," Hallquist said to a room full of clapping fans at her election-night party in Burlington. "I'm so proud to be the face of the Democrats tonight."

Hallquist will face Republican incumbent Phil Scott in November. Scott’s popularity has waned in recent months, but he managed to beat his Republican primary challenger by a healthy margin on Tuesday.

The most specific parts of Hallquist’s platform follow a now-familiar progressive model: a $15 minimum wage, Medicare for all and free higher education. She is also campaigning on an aggressive expansion of renewable electricity and high-speed broadband access across the state.

Hallquist said the anti-transgender policies of the Trump administration, including the attempt to ban trans people from serving in the military and the reversal of Obama-era protections for trans people in gender-segregated facilities, were factors in her decision to run for office. ..."


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Interview with Christine Hallquist

Mountain Lake PBS, January 26, 2018

Christine and Derek Hallquist, and producer Aaron Woolf join us for a candid discussion about the the making of Denial.

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